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Dimension: 70×50 cm; Composition: charcoal and liner on cardboard

RO: Idealizarea feminității a redus detaliile derutante la esență, astfel ca Armonia trăsăturilor faciale feminine este evocata la nivel vizual . Pornind de la opera lui Brâncuși ,,Muza adormita“ si elemente din geometria sacra, am îmbinat atât grafic , cât și semantic , formele dublate de sens , intr- o compoziție armonioasa .

EN:The idealization of femininity has reduced confusing details to the essence, so that the Harmony of female facial features is evoked on a visual level. Starting from Brâncuși’s work “Sleeping Muse” and elements from sacred geometry, we combined both graphically and semantically, the forms with doubled meaning, in a harmonious composition.


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