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Geometry of a feeling


Geometry of a feeling

Geometry of a feeling- 170x90 cm

Dimension: 170×90 cm; Composition: acrylic and oil on canvas


Lucrarea ,,Geometry of a feeling” își manifesta caracterul revoluționar prin cromatica puternica și prin contrastul cald-rece ,potențat de nuanțe adiacente care susțin concomitent și aspectul compozițional. Pictura exprima o schimbare radicala de tendința, fiind oglinda unor raționamente viitoare, care aduc noutatea din punctul de vedere al limbajului vizual si al substanței ideatice. Lucrarea recompune in câteva tușe de culoare ceea ce ființa noastră anticipează deja, respectiv un orizont energic, cu caracter reformator și inovator, menit sa aducă schimbarea in bine.


The artwork “Geometry of a feeling“- manifests its revolutionary character through strong chromatics and warm-cold contrast, enhanced by adjacent shades that simultaneously support the compositional aspect. The painting expresses a radical change of trend, being the mirror of future reasonings, which bring novelty from the point of view of visual language and ideational substance. The work recomposes in a few touches of color what our being already anticipates, namely an energetic horizon, with a reforming and innovative character, meant to bring change for the better.


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